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I am crazy about animals; I always have been, even before I could walk or talk.  To be able to work with them -- it doesn't get better than this! Companion animal care is hard work (tough on the feet!) but extremely rewarding.  I spent 30 years working in Corporate America (15 years at JP Morgan Chase as a Vice President working on the website). I happily left at the end of 2007, and have been doing animal care since then. This was a major career shift for me, and my life is very different now.

Going back in time a bit (which gives insight into where I am today), I lost my adored Cory, a gorgeous Persian-mix, in 2006 (he was 18.5 years old).  I never thought twice about what I fed him, or how I cared for him in general; I just followed my vet's advice (or lack thereof) blindly. After I lost him, and after a few unfortunate incidents with my then-kittens, I started to study and learn about animal nutrition. I also learned about the horrible way that consumers are misled by the Big Business that runs the pet food industry, and how damaging food can be to our animal companions' health.  Then came the pet food recalls and senseless deaths in the spring of 2007, and I was forever changed.

Today, I am owned by three beautiful kitties: Benjamin & Sophie are long-haired grey kitties (siblings), and Vaggio (short for Caravaggio) (most definitely a Maine Coon mix).    The kitties and I also live with two awesome rescued dogs -- an adorable Heinz-57 hound mix named Brandi, and a big black shepherd-mix named Rex (photo to follow!)

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Benjamin & SophieCaravaggio
My philosophy for the animals that own me, and for any animals in my care, is holistic, natural, and species-appropriate.  My fur family is raw fed, and I'm confident that they get the best nutrition possible (short of hunting their own food).  I do not believe that any animal should be fed dry food (kibble); this is the least healthy option available, PARTICULARLY for cats, who have evolved to get their water IN their food.  I do not believe in vaccinations beyond the puppy or kitten series; there are COMPELLING arguments against them as lifelong immunity has been proven by one vaccine, and repeated vaccinations can have short-and long-term health risks.  I am also very aware of what people use to clean their home; there is so much that's toxic, or just bad, that builds up over the course of a lifetime.  I ask questions; I do research.  I look for safe alternatives to damaging conventional medicine. Our animal buddies are not possessions; they are living beings with souls. And they should be as healthy as their genes will allow.

Customers with cats seeking my care will hear me say that I do not believe in visits spaced more than 24 hours apart.  Cats have feelings and get lonely; moreover, should they get sick, periods of greater than 24 hours alone put them at greater risk of not getting needed medical care.

I love to help my human customers make superior choices for their furkids.  I have helped many of my canine and feline customers transition to much better diets (perhaps raw, perhaps not, but better nonetheless).  And when I succeed in doing this, it makes this career totally fulfilling.